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Puppy Purchasing

We spend months planning breedings of our pooches and thousands of dollars in ensuring they have everything they need to be healthy and happy. Our ultimate goal is to send them to forever doodle homes that will continue that same care, and for that reason, we are selective on where our puppies end up. While we don't require any in-depth "approval process," we do take steps to ensure we are comfortable with the home our puppies are being placed.


Here's how our process works:

  • You make contact with us either via email, or phone (Text Preferred Initially)

  • We will let you know the current availability of puppies

  • We will ask you basic questions about:

    • Your current location (We are in Orlando, Florida)

    • What is your family situation? The only reason why we ask this question is because puppies are born with, and develop individual personalities. Knowing your family's makeup will allow us to help you select the best puppy based on traits we identify.

    • Do you have other pets?

    • Will the dog be left alone for long periods of time? All dogs suffer from some level of separation anxiety. This question just allows us to have healthy conversations about the topic.

  • Once we both determine we're good fits for each other, we will place you on our puppy list for whatever litter you are inquiring about.

  • We will collect a non-refundable deposit of $200, which will go toward the final purchase price

  • We cannot guarantee gender choice. All puppies are picked in the order of deposit paid

  • Puppies are chosen no later than 7 weeks of age and are ready for pickup at 8 weeks

  • The remainder of the puppy cost is due upon pickup. If you are having the puppy shipped, the final payment is due at 7 weeks. We do not accept personal checks.

  • All puppies go home current on all shots, deworming and dewclaws removed​​

    • Dewclaws are the toe on the back of the dog's leg. As puppies, the claws pose little risk, but as the dog reaches adulthood, the claw can get caught on things and cause major damage to tissue and even ligaments. The claws are removed at a very early age, before the claw connects to anything internally and causes no pain, and usually produces no blood.​

  • All puppies leave Orlando with a health guarantee that will be signed by both parties. This health guarantee requires that your puppy visits the vet within 72 hours of coming home to confirm it was delivered healthy. Upon written verification of the vet visit, the health guarantee will be honored until the doodle's first birthday



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