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Guardian Homes

All of our puppies deserve the best possible home life. When we send our doodles to their new homes, there is a mutual trust between us and their new family. You trust that your puppy has been cared for and loved up until that point, and we trust that you will continue that love and care for the rest of their lives.


But Guardian Homes are even more special. We are not only trusting that you will love that doodle, but that you will be a good partner to Diamond J&J Doodles. Together, we are able to produce generations of genetically healthy puppies to bring joy to many more families. 

Here's how it works:

  • We choose the doodle (Could be male or female)

  • You must live within 1 hour of Orlando, Florida

  • You pay a reduced price

  • At 8 Weeks, your puppy goes home with you

  • You are responsible for all shots and veterinary expenses for the life of the puppy, including regular deworming, tick and flea control, grooming, etc.

  • You must commit to feeding the doodle a healthy diet. This is very important to us.  A healthy diet is very important to healthy pregnancies.

  • You will sign a contract specifying details of the guardian program, including fees associated with not following through with the commitments of being a guardian home.

  • If you have a female, when she finishes her first heat, you bring her to us for genetic testing and a medical exam to verify breeding health by our veterinarian. She goes home with you the same day. When she starts her second heat, you notify us and we inform you of the date she must be brought back to us, typically around day 11 or 12. She will stay with us while she is bred, typically via artificial insemination over 2 or 3 days. When breeding is complete, she goes back to you. Seven weeks later, she will be brought back to us to have her puppies in our home. She will stay with us until the puppies are weaned, usually around 6-7 weeks. Because we need her to be comfortable in our home prior to delivery, we need her to acclimate. For that reason, we do not allow you to visit her until the baby doodles are a few days old. Once she settles into mom life, we welcome you to visit regularly to love on her and her doodle pups. When you come to pick her up after weaning, we will pay you $150 per puppy in the litter. We repeat this process every year for four years. Upon weaning her fourth litter, she is spayed at your expense and she lives the rest of her life with you.

  • If you have a male puppy, the process is a little easier. At one year of age, he will be genetically tested and vet cleared for breeding. Once results are in and he is cleared for breeding, we wait for the perfect matches to come up, and we coordinate using him when needed. We typically will notify you a week in advance of when he is needed. In some cases, it's for a few hours, and in other cases, he might stay with us for a few days. Once the breeding process is complete, you pick him up and he's yours again until another lucky lady comes along. This process will continue until we determine he's ready to be retired. That could be after a year, or potentially 5 years of age. Or we may change our minds altogether and decide he is no longer needed for our program. Regardless of the time, once he is retired, he must be neutered at your expense and he spends the rest of his life with you. We do not pay stud fees to guardian homes. Your compensation is the reduced price.

If you have a desire to participate in this program, or if you need additional information, please Contact Us.



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